Choosing Islamic Clothing for Party

Islamic Clothing is not just the property they want to go to study or to the mosque. Now with the development of Muslim clothing, you can also appear with the stylish product model clothing that Muslims remain simple but luxurious. Clothing such as whether you should wearing formal party to attend?

Just simple fact, Islamic Clothing that simple can you wearing to the party to a formal event. However, with the additional creation of course. Following his tips:
If you attend the festival events during the day, wearing Muslim clothes with bright colors, but choose fabrics that are easy to absorb sweat and can not be easily knotted. We recommend kenakanlah discount clothes (not gamis). And for you that is not much activity there, wear long skirt can be a choice, and will look more elegant. Places selling Muslim clothing usually provide various options.
If you attend the afternoon session parties relaxed, you can put on a fresh color, such as light green or light blue. With additional embroidery, payet or tunik japan, accompanied by color variations of the younger. You can use a scarf so that you do not monoton, you will be more visible but still formal style.
If the party takes place at night, products, clothing muslim style glamor can be your choice. But that does not need to impose bertabur crystal or payet. You can use the kaftan with gold or silver embroidery. Alternatively, use clothing gamis figured Floral painting techniques with the long linear or tunik combined with a good cloth.
If you want to appear young, there is no one you put on batik. This time have many batik cloth that is packed with contemporary style. Select a course having a certain Jackie-O or ribbed babydoll and combined with denim or trousers pipe. Visit the fashion muslimah shop your subscription.
Finally, if you want to appear more luxurious, stola impose or pashmina can help. Or stole from organdi the match. Look for boutique fashion boutique clothing or clothing that provides your needs.

Muslim Clothing Rulez

So the Dutch government does not make laws prohibit burka and nikab. Instead, The Hague through other means. Namely encourage institutions, such as public transportation companies, educational bodies to state institutions, the regulations limit the use of their own muslim clothing are Muslims. Nay, who is authorized to set up the burka or nikab: state, religious council, or the user?

Burka and nikab own rarely found in the Netherlands. Clothing another Muslim, jilbab, more often seen. "Because the issue tends to be political rather than a reality," says Islam expert Karel Steenbrink. The problem started from a Muslim, the school kindergarten, should wear clothes that cover the entire body and face it.
The reason for preventing communication with the young children.

Because banned, the Muslim submit the case to court. The court then decided to continue studying it can even wear nikab. However, when the future, he should wear ordinary clothes. "A decision kompromistis," said Steenbrink.

Fobia Islam
In fact behind the ideas have a kind of prohibition of fear. Fobia Islam, Islam is so experts emphasize. Media foster fear since September 11 terror attacks in 2001, and worsened their colleagues. Appear contention, Islamization going on in Europe, including the Netherlands. Worries political leaders are right to raise their party.

Karel Steenbrink view this situation is similar Indonesia. Only happened otherwise. "Islamic Group defenders often say Islam in Indonesia threatened Christianization!" urainya. Fear-fear is in turn pushing the state intervention. For example discourse prohibition burka or nikab in the Netherlands or regulations in the region to have more of a legal religion.

The role of authorities in the religious affairs also justified Dewi Candraningrum, researchers Islam in Germany. "It's back to the political and socio-culture in which Islam is large, the authorities certainly do know where that interpretation will be played," he said. Tiran authorities clearly choose commentary body that hates women. Dewi tudingan contradict Islam limit the rights of women.

Pro women
Al-Quran historical events which occurred in the struggle for gender equality. Dikisahkan Prophet Muhammad forbade people bury baby girls, because a lot of confidence at the time that women have children that disgrace. He was also the first change to the policy legacy daughter. At first the daughter is not considered to be superior seeds, can not sustain the family economy, so it does not get a worthy legacy.

In the era of Prophet Muhammad legacy system changed and daughter also have inheritance rights. "At times it is very revolutionary, he is very pro-women, but after the Prophet Muhammad died, and after four caliphs not have, take takeovers of power. There politisasi started going to the body of a woman," said Dewi.

According to researchers of Islam, the perempuanlah entitled to decide in the end the best for himself. So, not the state or the believer. Options Muslim clothing that is in the hands of women. "If the women use the jilbab its meaning is different now with the first. If it is as a political identity, as a means of resistance, as a means to juxtapose themselves to God, they have a right to it. But for nikab or veil (burka, red) I do not agree, "Islam Dewi Candraningrum researchers explain.

Kebaya as Muslim Clothes

Now, Kebaya clothes modified Muslims
FOR women of today, no longer have to kebaya identical fashion as the traditional. To follow the latest fashion trends, can be good modified with modernization. One of the good development of the mode that is becoming a trend, is a modern kebaya, which is modified to become Muslim clothing. Kebaya modern modifications''Muslim clothing, take a good basic model, but the combined mode modernity Muslim clothing, not so rigid traditional kesannya.

With the touch of Muslim clothing, good fit for different age women, both adult and adolescent daughter,''said Dewi Mutia Indah, owner of Pearls' and Taylor Boutique 'in the Street Brotojoyo, Pondok Indraprasta IV G / 2, Semarang.

According to Dewi, peruntukannya indeed as Muslim clothing, equipped veil, but good style. This clothing, he said, can be used for event reception or other formal or relaxed, for example, each visit to the home of relatives, or attend weddings.

Because as good modern design, a touch of embroidery modis and payet is on the main fabric and shirt. In the standard mode''Muslim clothes, embroidery and payet is normal. But here we add with embroidery and payet good,''he said.

Material fabric
However, in order to keep the style of the elegant impression, matching the performance of the private consumers, or at least the size of a lot of embroidery and payet is set.

Please''and additional embroidery payet or not, is very relative, matched with the user. Do not until embroidery and payet up, but even kesannya too busy,''said Dewi.

Likewise with a combination of color and hijab clothes, accessories and others, need to be adjusted in order to match with the individual user. Therefore, the government feels the need to consult with consumers, to choose the fabric material, model, color and accessories that match is required.

To model good Muslim is a combination of clothing, cloth material that can be various types, from cloth chiffon, tulle, satin, and so forth, depending on the taste of this.

Trends Clothing Muslim Year 2009

Adoption Model Reference Clothing
The withdrawal general fashion, the fashion clothing Muslims are also fast. Entering the year 2008, the Muslim fashion models vary. But in general, the type of material that Adem and comfortable as cotton and chiffon will still be widely used. The draft also dominated the fashion style of clothing from foreign countries such as India, Korea, and the Roman.

According to Hj Sari Prayogo, the Ar-Banni Moslem Pamularsih Collection in Jalan Raya 140 Semarang, materials such as chiffon and cotton disuka because many simple and convenient to use all the atmosphere. "T-shirt material is still great demand, but it all depends on the tastes of each user," he said.

While many designs to adopt the clothing, such as the India model wrinkle, the bank the withdrawal Roman fashion, and so forth. Muslim clothing trends change according to Sari the month of Ramadhan and Idul Fitri. "While it is always showing new models," he added.

For color, this year people tend to like the pastel colors, and toska such as blue, red marun, kalem green, brown, and so forth. Because the model is simple, the application of ditempel also not too much. Application model embroidery flowers small ala Spain will still be used.

While the veil is also a model not always like conventional spandek. There is also the aspect of model 4, model bank, and the flowers as a variation to the party. "Veil spandek models are still used for day-to-day. However, party clothes, more variatif shape, "said the woman is beautiful.

While for clothing prianya, despite the withdrawal does not vary for women's clothing, but the application as a minimalist embroidery. According to the sari, fashion model Moslem men are still many who will be mem-preview-dai dai canal as Ustadz Jefry Al Buchori and Ustadz Ahmad. "Shirt worn Uje still will be a trendsetter. Because he is known as a fashionable pendakwah, "sambungnya.

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